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1. (a.) Causing privation; depriving.

2. (a.) Consisting in the absence of something; not positive; negative.

3. (a.) Implying privation or negation; giving a negative force to a word; as, alpha privative; privative particles; -- applied to such prefixes and suffixes as a- (Gr. /), un-, non-, -less.

4. (n.) That of which the essence is the absence of something.

5. (n.) A term indicating the absence of any quality which might be naturally or rationally expected; -- called also privative term.

6. (n.) A privative prefix or suffix. See Privative, a., 3.

alluring annexational appealing appetizing attractive beguiling bewitching blandishing cajoling captivating charismatic charming coaxing come-hither communicable confiscatory contagious coquettish deadly deprivative destructive enchanting endemic engaging enravishing enthralling enticing entrancing envenomed epidemial epidemic epiphytotic epizootic exciting exotic expropriatory fascinating fetching flirtatious glamorous hypnotic infectious infective inoculable interesting intriguing inviting irresistible malign malignant mephitic mesmeric miasmal miasmatic miasmic mouth-watering noxious pandemic pestiferous pestilential piquant poisonous prepossessing privative provocative provoquant ravishing seducing seductive siren sirenic spellbinding spellful sporadic spreading taking tantalizing teasing tempting thievish tickling titillating titillative toxic toxicant toxiferous transmissible transmittable venenate veneniferous venenous venomous virulent winning winsome witching zymotic


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