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1. (a.) First in order of time or development or in intention; primitive; fundamental; original.

2. (a.) First in order, as being preparatory to something higher; as, primary assemblies; primary schools.

3. (a.) First in dignity or importance; chief; principal; as, primary planets; a matter of primary importance.

4. (a.) Earliest formed; fundamental.

5. (a.) Illustrating, possessing, or characterized by, some quality or property in the first degree; having undergone the first stage of substitution or replacement.

6. (n.) That which stands first in order, rank, or importance; a chief matter.

7. (n.) A primary meeting; a caucus.

8. (n.) One of the large feathers on the distal joint of a bird's wing. See Plumage, and Illust. of Bird.

9. (n.) A primary planet; the brighter component of a double star. See under Planet.

Maxwell triangle Munsell scale ab ovo abecedarian aboriginal all-absorbing antenatal anterior arch austere autochthonous banner bare basal basic basilar beginning bottom budding by-election capital cardinal caucus central champion chaste chief chromatic circle chromatic spectrum chromaticity diagram closed primary color circle color cycle color index color mixture curve color solid color spectrum color system color triangle complementary color congressional election constituent constitutive contested election controlling creative crowning crucial demitint direct direct primary dominant earliest election elemental elementary embryonic essential fetal first firsthand focal fore forehand foremost formative forward foundational front frontal full color fundamental fundamental colors general election generative genetic germinal gestatory great gut half tint halftone head headmost hegemonic highest homely homespun homogeneous hue cycle immediate in embryo in its infancy in ovo in the bud inaugural inceptive inchoate inchoative incipient incunabular indivisible infant infantile initial initiative initiatory introductory inventive irreducible leading magisterial maiden main mandatory primary master material mere metamer monochrome monolithic nascent natal nonpartisan primary of a piece of the essence open primary optional primary original overriding overruling paramount partisan election parturient pioneer plain postnatal predominant preeminent preference primary pregnant premier prenatal preponderant presidential election presidential preference primary presidential primary prevailing primal primary color primary election prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial principal pristine procreative protogenic prototypal pure pure and simple pure color radical ranking referendum rudimental rudimentary ruling runoff runoff election runoff primary secondary secondary color seminal severe simon-pure simple single solar spectrum sovereign spare spectral color spectrum spectrum color star stark stellar substantial substantive supereminent supreme tertiary tertiary color topflight topmost ultimate unadorned unadulterated uncluttered uncopied underived underlying undifferenced undifferentiated unduplicated unexampled uniform unimitated unmixed unprecedented unreproduced uppermost ur


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