(a.) First; primary; original; chief.

ab ovo abecedarian aboriginal antenatal arch atavistic austere autochthonous banner bare basal basic basilar beginning bodily born budding capital cardinal central champion chaste chief coeval congenital connatal connate connatural constituent constitutional constitutive creative crowning crucial dominant elemental elementary embryonic essential fetal first focal foremost formative foundational fundamental generative genetic germinal gestatory great gut headmost hegemonic hereditary homely homespun homogeneous in embryo in its infancy in ovo in the blood in the bud inaugural inborn inbred incarnate inceptive inchoate inchoative incipient incunabular indigenous indivisible infant infantile inherited initial initiative initiatory innate instinctive instinctual introductory inventive irreducible leading magisterial main master material mere monolithic nascent natal native native to natural natural to of a piece of the essence organic original overruling paramount parturient physical plain postnatal predominant preeminent pregnant prenatal preponderant prevailing primary prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial principal pristine procreative protogenic pure pure and simple radical ranking rudimental rudimentary ruling seminal severe simon-pure simple single sovereign spare star stark stellar substantial substantive supereminent temperamental topflight unadorned uncluttered underlying undifferenced undifferentiated uniform ur


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