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1. (a.) Most widely adopted or practiced; also, generally or extensively existing; widespread; prevailing\; as, a prevalent observance; prevalent disease.

2. (a.) Gaining advantage or superiority; having superior force, influence, or efficacy; prevailing; predominant; successful; victorious.

abounding abundant accepted accidental accompanying ado affluent afloat afoot all the rage all the thing all-sufficing ample aplenty ascendant at the head average being besetting boss bottomless bounteous bountiful catholic chief circumstantial commanding common commonplace conformable consuetudinary controlling conventional copious current customary diffuse doing dominant effuse epidemic established eventuating everyday exhaustless existent existing extant extensive extravagant exuberant familiar fashionable fat fertile flush frequent frequentative full galore general generally accepted generous going on governing habitual happening head hegemonic hegemonistic hip in ascendancy in being in charge in chief in effect in existence in fashion in force in hand in plenty in quantity in style in the ascendant in the wind in vogue incidental inexhaustible lavish leading liberal living luxuriant many many times master maximal mod modern much new newfashioned normal not rare numerous obtaining occasional occurring of common occurrence oft-repeated oftentime omnipresent on on foot ongoing opulent ordinary overbearing overflowing pandemic paramount passing pervasive plenitudinous plenteous plentiful plenty popular predominant predominate predominating prepollent preponderant preponderate prepotent prescribed prescriptive present prevailing prodigal productive profuse profusive rampant received recurrent regnant regular regulating regulation regulative regulatory reigning replete resultant rich rife riotous routine ruling running running over set smart sovereign standard stereotyped stock subsistent subsisting superabundant supreme taking place teeming thick-coming time-honored traditional trendy ubiquitous under the sun under way universal up-to-date up-to-datish up-to-the-minute usual wealthy well-found well-furnished well-provided well-stocked wholesale widespread wonted


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