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(a.) Consisting in, or acquired by, immemorial or long-continued use and enjoyment; as, a prescriptive right of title; pleading the continuance and authority of long custom.

absolute accepted accustomed acknowledged admitted authoritarian authoritative autocratic average binding canonical commanding common commonplace compelling compulsory conclusive conformable constrictive consuetudinary conventional current customary decisive decretal decretive decretory dictated dictating dictatorial didactic directive dogmatic entailed established ethnocentric everyday exceptional excluding exclusive exclusory familiar final fixed folk formulary generally accepted habitual hallowed handed down hard and fast hard-and-fast heroic hoary household immemorial imperative imperious imposed inadmissible instructive insular inveterate irrevocable jussive legendary long-established long-standing mandated mandating mandatory must mythological narrow normal normative obligating obligatory obtaining of long standing of the folk official oral ordinary overbearing parochial peremptory popular preceptive preclusive predominating prescribed prescript prevailing prevalent preventive prohibitive received recognized regular regulation required restrictive rooted rubric seclusive segregative select selective separative set snobbish standard statutory stock time-honored traditional tried and true true-blue ultimate understood universal unwritten usual venerable vernacular widespread without appeal wonted worshipful xenophobic


Prescription Drug
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