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1. (n.) The state of having one's mind set or focused; attention to a set matter\.

2. (n.) Anticipation of objections.

Walter Mitty absence of mind absentmindedness absorbed attention absorption abstractedness abstraction abulia adoption adverse possession alienation alodium anxiety anxiety equivalent anxiety state apathy application appropriation arrogation assiduity assiduousness assumption bemusement brown study bulldog tenacity burgage castle-building catatonic stupor claim close study colonization colony complex compulsion concentration conquest constancy contemplation contemplativeness daydream daydreamer daydreaming de facto de jure deep study deep thought dejection dependency depression depth of thought derivative title detachment diligence dogged perseverance doggedness dream dreaming elation emotionalism endurance engagement engrossment enslavement euphoria fantasy fantasying fascination fee fief fee position fee simple fee simple absolute fee simple conditional fee simple defeasible fee simple determinable fee tail feodum feud fidelity fiefdom fit of abstraction fixation fixed idea folie du doute frankalmoign free socage freehold gavelkind hang-up having title to hold holding hypercathexis hypochondria hysteria hysterics idee fixe immersion indefatigability indent indifference industriousness industry insensibility insistence insistency intentness involvement irresistible impulse knight service lay fee lease leasehold legal claim legal possession lethargy loyalty mandate mania meditation melancholia melancholy mental distress monomania mooning moonraking morbid drive muse musefulness musing muted ecstasy obsession obsessive compulsion obstinacy occupancy occupation original title owning pathological indecisiveness patience patience of Job pensiveness permanence perseverance persistence persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity pipe dream pipe-dreaming plodding plugging possessing possession preemption preoccupancy prepossession prescription profound thought property property rights proprietary rights psychalgia psychomotor disturbance rapt attention reflectiveness relentlessness requisition resolution reverie ruling passion sedulity sedulousness seisin single-mindedness singleness of purpose slogging socage speculativeness squatting stability stamina stargazing staying power steadfastness steadiness stick-to-itiveness stubbornness studiousness study stupor subjugation sublease submersion takeover taking over tenaciousness tenacity tenancy tenantry tenure tenure in chivalry thoughtfulness tic tirelessness title trance twitching underlease undertenancy unremittingness unresponsiveness unswerving attention usucapion usurpation villein socage villeinhold villenage wistfulness withdrawal woolgathering


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