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1. (a.) Exactly or sharply defined; definite; exact; not vague or equivocal; as, precise rules of morality\.

2. (a.) Strictly adhering or conforming to rule; very nice or exact; punctilious in conduct or ceremony; formal; ceremonious.

absolute accurate appreciative attentive authentic be precise careful censorious certain choicy choosy circumscribed close concrete conscientious constant correct critical defined definite delicate demanding descend to particulars detail detailed determinate different differential direct discriminate discriminating discriminative distinct distinctive distinguished distinguishing esoteric especial even exact exacting exceptional exigent explicit express exquisite extraordinary faithful fastidious fine finical finicking finicky fixed full fussy genteel individual individualize inerrable inerrant infallible inflexible inner intimate itemize limited literal literatim make precise mathematical methodical meticulous micrometrically precise microscopic minute narrow nice noteworthy orderly particular particularize peculiarize perfect perfectionistic personal personalize picayune picky pinpoint precious precisian precisianistic precisionist precisionistic prig priggish prim prissy private proper prudish punctilious punctual puristic puritanic puritanical refined religious religiously exact respective restricted right rigid rigorous scientific scientifically exact scrupulous scrutinizing selective sensitive several severe singular solipsistic special specialize specific spell out square straitlaced strict stringent stuffy subtle tactful TRUE truthful unambiguous unbending unconditional undeviating unequivocal unerring unyielding veracious verbatim very well-defined word-for-word


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