1. (a.) Producing great physical effects; forcible; efficacious; as, a potent medicine\.

2. (a.) Having great authority, control, or dominion; puissant; mighty; influential; as, a potent prince.

3. (a.) Powerful, in an intellectual or moral sense; having great influence; as, potent interest; a potent argument.

4. (n.) A prince; a potentate.

5. (n.) A staff or crutch.

6. (n.) One of the furs; a surface composed of patches which are supposed to represent crutch heads; they are always alternately argent and azure, unless otherwise specially mentioned.

absolute amorous armipotent ascendant authoritarian authoritative authorized autocratic beefy bouncing broad-shouldered carnal charismatic charming clothed with authority cogent commanding compelling competent concentrated consequential considerable controlling convincing dominant doughty duly constituted dynamic effective effectual efficacious eminent empowered enchanting energetic erogenic erogenous erotic erotogenic estimable ex officio fleshly forceful forcible forcy formidable full-blooded full-bodied full-strength gamic governing great gutsy gutty hairychested hale hard hard as nails hardy he-mannish hearty hefty hegemonic hegemonistic heterosexual high-potency high-powered high-pressure high-tension husky imperative important impressive in force in power influential iron-hard irresistible leading libidinal lusty macho magnetic mighty mighty in battle momentous monocratic nervy nuptial obstinate official operative oversexed personable persuasive powerful preeminent prepotent prestigious procreative prominent puissant ranking red-blooded reputable robust robustious rugged ruling senior sensual sex sexed sexlike sexual sexy sound stalwart steely stout straight strapping striking strong strong as brandy strong as strong strong-willed sturdy suasive substantial superior supreme telling totalitarian ultramasculine undersexed valid venereal vigorous virile viripotent vital voluptuous weighty winning


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