1. (n.) The form or constitution of the civil government of a nation or state; the framework or organization by which the various departments of government are combined into a systematic whole.

2. (n.) Hence: The form or constitution by which any institution is organized; the recognized principles which lie at the foundation of any human institution.

3. (n.) Policy; art; management.

Everyman John Doe Machtpolitik Public Realpolitik Tammany Hall administration ally archduchy archdukedom autarky bimetallism body politic bossism buffer state captive nation career politics chieftaincy chieftainry circumspection circumspectness citizenry city-state civil government colony common man commonweal commonwealth community community at large confrontation politics consensus politics consideration cool judgment country county course creed direction discipline discreetness discretion discrimination dispensation disposition domain dominion duchy dukedom earldom economic self-sufficiency economics in action empery empire empirical politics estate everybody everyman everyone everywoman folk folks form of government free city free enterprise free trade general public gentry good judgment governance government governmentalism grand duchy guiding principles judgment judiciousness kid-glove politics kingdom laissez-faire laissez-faireism land line localism machine politics managed currency management mandant mandate mandated territory mandatee mandatory men nation nationality noninterference nonintervention nullification oversight partisan politics partisanism party line party principle peanut politics people people in general persons petty politics plan of action planned economy platform policy polis political organization politics populace population pork-barrel politics position position paper possession power power politics practical politics pressure-group politics price supports principality principate principles procedure program protection protectionism protectorate providence province prudence prudentialism public public policy pump-priming puppet government puppet regime realm reflection reflectiveness reform politics regime regimen regnancy regulation reign republic rule satellite sectionalism seneschalty settlement silk-stocking politics society sound judgment soundness of judgment sovereign nation sovereignty state sultanate superpower supervision sway system of government territory thoughtfulness toparchia toparchy ward politics weighing world you and me


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