(n.) That state in which every part of space is supposed to be full of matter; -- opposed to vacuum.

Copernican universe Einsteinian universe Indian file Newtonian universe Ptolemaic universe air all all being all creation allness array articulation assemblee assembly assignation at home atom atomic particles ball bank brawl brute matter building block buzz catena catenation caucus chain chain reaction chaining chemical element colloquium commission committee component concatenation conclave concourse congregation congress connection consecution constituent continuum conventicle convention convocation cosmos council course created nature created universe creation cycle dance date descent diet drone earth eisteddfod element elementary particle elementary unit endless belt endless round everything that is expanding universe festivity fete file filiation fire forgathering forum fundamental particle gamut gathering get-together gradation housewarming hum hyle hypostasis levee line lineage macrocosm macrocosmos material material world materiality matter meet meeting megacosm metagalaxy molecule monad monotone natural world nature nexus omneity panel party pendulum periodicity physical world powder train progression prom pulsating universe queue quorum rally range rank reception recurrence rendezvous reticulation rotation round routine row run scale seance sequence series session shindig sidereal universe single file sit-in sitting soiree spectrum steady-state universe string stuff substance substratum succession sum of things swath symposium synod system the four elements thread tier totality totality of being train turnout unit of being universe water whole wide world wide world windrow world world without end


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