1. (n.) A vegetable; an organized living being, generally without feeling and voluntary motion, and having, when complete, a root, stem, and leaves, though consisting sometimes only of a single leafy expansion, or a series of cellules, or even a single cellule.

2. (n.) A bush, or young tree; a sapling; hence, a stick or staff.

3. (n.) The sole of the foot.

4. (n.) The whole machinery and apparatus employed in carrying on a trade or mechanical business; also, sometimes including real estate, and whatever represents investment of capital in the means of carrying on a business, but not including material worked upon or finished products; as, the plant of a foundry, a mill, or a railroad.

5. (n.) A plan; an artifice; a swindle; a trick.

6. (n.) An oyster which has been bedded, in distinction from one of natural growth.

7. (n.) A young oyster suitable for transplanting.

8. (n.) To put in the ground and cover, as seed for growth; as, to plant maize.

9. (n.) To set in the ground for growth, as a young tree, or a vegetable with roots.

10. (n.) To furnish, or fit out, with plants; as, to plant a garden, an orchard, or a forest.

11. (n.) To engender; to generate; to set the germ of.

12. (n.) To furnish with a fixed and organized population; to settle; to establish; as, to plant a colony.

13. (n.) To introduce and establish the principles or seeds of; as, to plant Christianity among the heathen.

14. (n.) To set firmly; to fix; to set and direct, or point; as, to plant cannon against a fort; to plant a standard in any place; to plant one's feet on solid ground; to plant one's fist in another's face.

15. (n.) To set up; to install; to instate.

16. (v. i.) To perform the act of planting.

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