1. (n.) A thick, black, lustrous, and sticky substance obtained by boiling down tar. It is used in calking the seams of ships; also in coating rope, canvas, wood, ironwork, etc., to preserve them.

2. (n.) See Pitchstone.

3. (n.) To cover over or smear with pitch.

4. (n.) Fig.: To darken; to blacken; to obscure.

5. (v. t.) To throw, generally with a definite aim or purpose; to cast; to hurl; to toss; as, to pitch quoits; to pitch hay; to pitch a ball.

6. (v. t.) To thrust or plant in the ground, as stakes or poles; hence, to fix firmly, as by means of poles; to establish; to arrange; as, to pitch a tent; to pitch a camp.

7. (v. t.) To set, face, or pave with rubble or undressed stones, as an embankment or a roadway.

8. (v. t.) To fix or set the tone of; as, to pitch a tune.

9. (v. t.) To set or fix, as a price or value.

10. (v. i.) To fix or place a tent or temporary habitation; to encamp.

11. (v. i.) To light; to settle; to come to rest from flight.

12. (v. i.) To fix one's choice; -- with on or upon.

13. (v. i.) To plunge or fall; esp., to fall forward; to decline or slope; as, to pitch from a precipice; the vessel pitches in a heavy sea; the field pitches toward the east.

14. (n.) A throw; a toss; a cast, as of something from the hand; as, a good pitch in quoits.

15. (n.) That point of the ground on which the ball pitches or lights when bowled.

16. (n.) A point or peak; the extreme point or degree of elevation or depression; hence, a limit or bound.

17. (n.) Height; stature.

18. (n.) A descent; a fall; a thrusting down.

19. (n.) The point where a declivity begins; hence, the declivity itself; a descending slope; the degree or rate of descent or slope; slant; as, a steep pitch in the road; the pitch of a roof.

20. (n.) The relative acuteness or gravity of a tone, determined by the number of vibrations which produce it; the place of any tone upon a scale of high and low.

21. (n.) The limit of ground set to a miner who receives a share of the ore taken out.

22. (n.) The distance from center to center of any two adjacent teeth of gearing, measured on the pitch line; -- called also circular pitch.

23. (n.) The length, measured along the axis, of a complete turn of the thread of a screw, or of the helical lines of the blades of a screw propeller.

24. (n.) The distance between the centers of holes, as of rivet holes in boiler plates.

AF French pitch abuse acme address after-dinner speech allocution amount angularity apex apogee ascend asphalt assail assault assist attack audio frequency ballyhoo bank base belabor belly buster belly flop belly whopper bevel bezel bitumen bivouac blunder bob bobble bowl brow buck off build build in bung caliber camp camp out cannonball cant cap capsize careen career cascade cast cast up catapult cataract chalk talk change of pace change-up charcoal chip in choose chuck chunk chute classical pitch climax climb cloud nine coal coggle collapse come a cropper come down compass contribute cooperate crash crash dive crest crow crown culmen culmination curve cut dangle dart dash debate declamation decline degree depth descend determine diatribe dip dip down dive down downcurve drive stakes drop drop down drop off easy slope ebon ebony edge elect elevate encamp erect establish eulogy exhortation extent extreme limit extremity fall fall away fall down fall flat fall headlong fall off fall over fall prostrate falter fastball filibuster fire fix fleam fling flip flounce flounder fluctuate flutter forensic forensic address fork formal speech forward pass found frequency fundamental fundamental tone funeral oration gainer gentle slope get a cropper glacis go camping go down go downhill go uphill grade gradient gravitate ground hanging gardens harangue harmonic header heave heaven heavens height helicline help high noon high pitch highest pitch highest point hillside hobbyhorse hoist hortatory address hurl hurtle inaugural inaugural address inclination incline inclined plane incurve inflection ink install interval intonation intonation pattern invective invest jackknife jeremiad jerk jet jump on keel key knuckleball labor lance lash out at lateral lateral pass launch launching ramp lay into lay the foundation lean leaning leaning tower leap let fly level librate lift up light into limit list lob lose altitude low pitch lurch make heavy weather mark maximum measure meridian modulation monotone monotony mountaintop move name ne plus ultra new philharmonic pitch night no place higher nominate noon nose dive nose-dive notch note nuance nutate opt for oration oscillate outcurve overtone parachute parachute jump


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