1. (v.) To throw; to pitch.

2. (v.) To peck at, as a bird with its beak; to strike at with anything pointed; to act upon with a pointed instrument; to pierce; to prick, as with a pin.

3. (v.) To separate or open by means of a sharp point or points; as, to pick matted wool, cotton, oakum, etc.

4. (v.) To open (a lock) as by a wire.

5. (v.) To pull apart or away, especially with the fingers; to pluck; to gather, as fruit from a tree, flowers from the stalk, feathers from a fowl, etc.

6. (v.) To remove something from with a pointed instrument, with the fingers, or with the teeth; as, to pick the teeth; to pick a bone; to pick a goose; to pick a pocket.

7. (v.) To choose; to select; to separate as choice or desirable; to cull; as, to pick one's company; to pick one's way; -- often with out.

8. (v.) To take up; esp., to gather from here and there; to collect; to bring together; as, to pick rags; -- often with up; as, to pick up a ball or stones; to pick up information.

9. (v.) To trim.

10. (v. i.) To eat slowly, sparingly, or by morsels; to nibble.

11. (v. i.) To do anything nicely or carefully, or by attending to small things; to select something with care.

12. (v. i.) To steal; to pilfer.

13. (n.) A sharp-pointed tool for picking; -- often used in composition; as, a toothpick; a picklock.

14. (n.) A heavy iron tool, curved and sometimes pointed at both ends, wielded by means of a wooden handle inserted in the middle, -- used by quarrymen, road makers, etc.; also, a pointed hammer used for dressing millstones.

15. (n.) A pike or spike; the sharp point fixed in the center of a buckler.

16. (n.) Choice; right of selection; as, to have one's pick.

17. (n.) That which would be picked or chosen first; the best; as, the pick of the flock.

18. (n.) A particle of ink or paper imbedded in the hollow of a letter, filling up its face, and occasioning a spot on a printed sheet.

19. (n.) That which is picked in, as with a pointed pencil, to correct an unevenness in a picture.

20. (n.) The blow which drives the shuttle, -- the rate of speed of a loom being reckoned as so many picks per minute; hence, in describing the fineness of a fabric, a weft thread; as, so many picks to an inch.

abuse accelerate accost accumulate acquire adz aggravate alternativity amass annoy apprehend arrest assemble ax badger bait be at beak become acquainted with bedevil beset best bother bread knife bring in bring together bristle browbeat brown off brush bug bully bullyrag bunt burn up bushwhacker bust butcher knife buy call for carp at carving knife catch champion chaser chisel chivy choice choose choose out choosing chosen chuck clean up cleaver clipper clippers co-optation co-option collar collect come by come down with contract cream criticize crop crop herbs cull cut dab dagger decide between decision devil dig dig up discern discompose discriminate distemper distinguish disturb dog elect election elite exasperate excerpt exclusive exercise extract fash fat filling fillip find first choice flick flip flirt flower foment free choice free will fret at fuss at gain garner gather gather in get get better get hold of get in get together glean go to get gouge grabble graze gripe grub grub up hack handpick harass harry harvest hassle hatchet hay heckle hector heft henpeck hoe hoist hound hunting knife improve incite increase initiate intimidate irk irritate jackknife jest kill knife lance lancet learn letter-opener lift up machete make a comeback make a selection make headway make out make progress mark master mattock meet miff molest mow nab nag nag at neaten needle nettle nibble nibble at nick niggle nippers nonesuch nonpareil nosh nudzh nut obtain opt for optimum option paper cutter paper knife paragon paring knife pat peck peck at peeve penknife perk up persecute pester pick and choose pick at pick off pick on pick out pick up pickax picked pinch pique plague plectron plectrum plowshare pluck pluck the beard plunk pother prefer preference preoption pride prime prize provoke pull in purchase queen quintessence raise up rake up rally rap razor razor blade reap reap and carry recognize recoup recover ride rile roil round up ruffle run in saw knife sax scalpel scare up scissors scoop scrape together


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