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1. (n.) Any charm or amulet worn as a preservative from danger or disease.

2. (n.) A small square box, made either of parchment or of black calfskin, containing slips of parchment or vellum on which are written the scriptural passages Exodus xiii. 2-10, and 11-17, Deut. vi. 4-9, 13-22. They are worn by Jews on the head and left arm, on week-day mornings, during the time of prayer.

3. (n.) Among the primitive Christians, a case in which the relics of the dead were enclosed.

Agnus Dei Holy Grail Host Pieta Sanctus bell Sangraal amulet ark asperger asperges aspergillum bambino beadroll beads candle censer chaplet charm ciborium cross crucifix cruet eucharistial fetish fylfot gammadion good-luck charm holy cross holy water holy-water sprinkler hoodoo icon incensory juju love charm luck lucky bean lucky piece madstone mascot matzo menorah mezuzah mikvah monstrance mumbo jumbo obeah osculatory ostensorium paschal candle pax periapt philter phylacteries prayer shawl prayer wheel pyx relics rood rosary sacramental sacred relics sacring bell scarab scarabaeus scarabee shofar sudarium sukkah swastika tabernacle talisman tallith thurible urceole veronica vigil light voodoo votive candle whammy


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