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1. (n.) A prayer; a supplication; an imploration; an entreaty; especially, a request of a solemn or formal kind; a prayer to the Supreme Being, or to a person of superior power, rank, or authority; also, a single clause in such a prayer.

2. (n.) A formal written request addressed to an official person, or to an organized body, having power to grant it; specifically (Law), a supplication to government, in either of its branches, for the granting of a particular grace or right; -- in distinction from a memorial, which calls certain facts to mind; also, the written document.

3. (v. t.) To make a prayer or request to; to ask from; to solicit; to entreat; especially, to make a formal written supplication, or application to, as to any branch of the government; as, to petition the court; to petition the governor.

4. (v. i.) To make a petition or solicitation.

Angelus Ave Ave Maria Hail Mary Kyrie Eleison Paternoster address aid prayer appeal appeal to application apply for apply to ask asking beadroll beads beg beseech beseechment bidding prayer breviary call on call upon chaplet circulate a petition collect commune with God communion contemplation demand desire devotions entreat entreaty expressed desire give thanks grace impetration imploration implore importune imprecation indent intercession invocation invoke litany make supplication meditation memorialize obsecration obtestation offer a prayer orison plea plead pray pray over prayer prayer wheel prefer a petition recite the rosary request requisition return thanks rogation rosary say grace sign a petition silent prayer solicit solicitation sue suit supplicate supplication thanks thanksgiving wish


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