1. (n.) A cade lamb; a lamb brought up by hand.

2. (n.) Any person or animal especially cherished and indulged; a fondling; a darling; often, a favorite child.

3. (n.) A slight fit of peevishness or fretfulness.

4. (a.) Petted; indulged; admired; cherished; as, a pet child; a pet lamb; a pet theory.

5. (v. t.) To treat as a pet; to fondle; to indulge; as, she was petted and spoiled.

6. (v. i.) To be a pet.

admired adored angel babe baby baby-doll beloved bill and coo buttercup caress cherished cherub chick chickabiddy cocker coddle copulate cosset cuddle dally dandle darling dear dearly beloved deary doll duck duckling dudgeon embrace esteemed favorite feel up ferment fondle fondling fret frictionize fume grump held dear high dudgeon hon honey honey bunch honey child huff hug idol jewel knead lamb lambkin lollygag love loved lover make love make out massage matinee idol miff minion neck nose nuzzle pat petkins pique popular pout precious precious heart preference prized revered rub rub against rub down rub noses smooch snookums spoiled child spoon stew stroke sugar sweet sweet-talk sweetheart sweetie sweetkins sweets tiff toy treasured trifle wanton well-beloved well-liked whisper sweet nothings white-haired


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