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1. (a.) Turned away from the right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted\.

2. (a.) Obstinate in the wrong; stubborn; intractable; hence, wayward; vexing; contrary.

aberrant abroad adamant adrift adversary adversative adverse adversive alien all abroad all off all wrong amiss antagonistic anti antipathetic antithetic antonymous askew astray at cross-purposes at fault awkward awry bad-tempered balancing balky bearish beside the mark bilious bitchy breakaway bulky cankered cantankerous captious churlish clashing clumsy compensating competitive con conflicting confronting contentious contradicting contradictory contradistinct contrapositive contrarious contrary contrasted converse corrupt counter counteractant counteracting counteractive counterbalancing counterpoised countervailing counterworking crabbed crabby cranky cross cross-grained crosswise crotchety crusty cumbersome cussed dead against deceptive defective degenerate delusive depraved deviant deviational deviative difficult disaccordant disagreeable discordant discrepant dissentient dissident distorted enemy errant erring erroneous excitable eyeball to eyeball fallacious FALSE faultful faulty feisty flawed fractious froward grouchy headstrong heretical heterodox hostile huffish huffy hulking hulky ill-tempered illogical illusory impractical improper inconsistent inconvenient incorrect inflexible inimical intractable inverse irascible irregular irritable mean miscreant mulish nefarious negative nonconformist noncooperative not right not true obdurate obstinate obstreperous obverse off off the track opponent opposed opposing opposite oppositional oppositive oppugnant ornery out overthwart peccant peevish pertinacious perverted petulant pigheaded ponderous putrid quarrelsome reactionary recalcitrant refractory renitent repugnant resistant restive reverse revolutionary rival rotten self-contradictory self-willed snappish spiteful spleeny splenetic squared off stiff-necked straying stubborn stuffy sulky sullen surly testy touchy ugly unbending uncooperative unfactual unfair unfavorable unfriendly unhandy unhealthy unmanageable unorthodox unpropitious unproved unreasonable untrue unwieldy unyielding villainous waspish wayward wide wrong wrongheaded


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