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1. (n.) The act of persuading; the act of influencing the mind by arguments or reasons offered, or by anything that moves the mind or passions, or inclines the will to a determination.

2. (n.) The state of being persuaded or convinced; settled opinion or conviction, which has been induced.

3. (n.) A creed or belief; a sect or party adhering to a certain creed or system of opinions; as, of the same persuasion; all persuasions are agreed.

4. (n.) The power or quality of persuading; persuasiveness.

5. (n.) That which persuades; a persuasive.

adherents affiliation allurement ascendancy authority belief bias blandishment blood body branch brand breed cajolement cajolery cast character charisma charm church clan class clout coaxing color communion community confession connection conning consequence control conversion conviction credit creed cult denomination description designation disciples division dominance domination effect eminence enchantment engagement enlistment esteem evangelization exhortation exhorting eye faction faith favor feather feeling fellowship fixed opinion followers force form genre genus good feeling grain group hold hortation ilk implicit belief importance incidental power inducement inducing influence influencing influentiality insinuation ism jawboning kidney kin kind label leadership leverage line lobbying lot magnetism make manner mark mastery mature judgment mind mold moment nature number offshoot opinion order organization partiality party personality persuading phylum potency power preaching preachment predilection predominance prejudice preponderance prepossession pressure prestige proselytism proselytization purchase race reign religion religious order repute rule sales talk salesmanship say schism school school of thought sect sectarism segment selling sentiment settled judgment shape snow job society soft soap solicitation sort species stamp staunch belief steadfast faith strain stripe style suasion subtle influence suggestion supremacy sway sweet talk the like of the likes of tribe type unshaken confidence upper hand variety version view weight wheedling whip hand working on


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