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1. (n.) A notable or distinguished person; a conspicuous or peculiar character\; as, an illustrious personage; a comely personage of stature tall.

2. (n.) Form, appearance, or belongings of a person; the external appearance, stature, figure, air, and the like, of a person.

3. (n.) Character assumed or represented.

Adamite Establishment VIP actor antagonist antihero baron being big gun big man big name big noise big shot big wheel bigwig bit bit part body brass brass hat cast cat celebrity chap character chief constellation creature cue customer cynosure dean dignitary dignity doyen doyenne duck earthling elder eminence fat part father feeder fellow figure folk hero galaxy great man groundling guy hand head headliner heavy hero heroine high priest homo hotshot human human being idol immortal important person individual ingenue interests joker kingfish kingpin lead lead role leader leading lady leading man leading woman life lines lion living soul lords of creation luminaries luminary magnate man man of mark master master spirit mogul mortal nabob name nose notability notable one panjandrum part party person person of note person of renown personality piece pillar of society pleiad pop hero popular hero popular idol power power elite principal protagonist public figure role ruling circle sachem senior side single social lion somebody someone something soubrette soul star straight part superior superstar supporting character supporting role tellurian terran the great the top title role top brass top dog top people tycoon very important person villain walk-on walking part worldling worthy


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