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1. (n.) Staying or continuing quality; doggedness\; obstinacy.

2. (n.) The continuance of an effect after the cause which first gave rise to it is removed

3. (n.) The persistence of motion.

4. (n.) Visual persistence, or persistence of the visual impression; auditory persistence, etc.

abidingness accordance adhesiveness age antiquity application assiduity assiduousness bulldog tenacity bullheadedness calm changelessness cohesiveness commitment concentration consistency consonance constancy continualness continuance continuation continuity correspondence course decidedness decision decisiveness dedication defeat of time defiance of time definiteness demandingness determinateness determination determinedness devotion diligence diuturnity dogged perseverance doggedness durability durableness duration earnestness endurance engrossment equability equanimity equilibrium evenness exigency extension fidelity firmness fixedness frozenness gluiness glutinosity grit gumminess hardening homogeneity immobility immovability immovableness immutability importunacy importunateness importunity indefatigability industriousness industry insistence insistency invariability invariableness inveteracy lastingness lengthening long standing long-lastingness long-livedness longevity loyalty maintenance monolithism obduracy obstinacy patience patience of Job perdurability perennation permanence permanency perpetualness perpetuation perpetuity perseverance persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity plodding pluck plugging preoccupation pressingness pressure progress progression prolongation protraction purpose purposefulness pursuance quiescence relentlessness repetition resoluteness resolution resolve resolvedness retention rigidity run sedulity sedulousness self-will seriousness sincerity single-mindedness singleness of purpose slogging snugness solidity stability stamina standing stasis staying power steadfastness steadiness stick-to-itiveness stickiness straight course stubbornness survival survivance sustained action sustenance tackiness tenaciousness tenacity tightness tirelessness torpor total commitment toughness unchangeability unchangingness uniformity uninterrupted course unity unremittingness unruffledness unswerving attention urgency viscidity viscosity way will


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