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(a.) Neverceasing; continuing forever or for an unlimited time; unfailing; everlasting; continuous.

abiding age-long aged ageless all-comprehensive all-inclusive all-knowing all-powerful all-seeing all-wise almighty ancient antique boundless ceaseless changeless chattering chronic coeternal constant continual continuing continuous countless creating creative dateless diuturnal durable endless enduring eternal eternally the same eterne ever-being ever-durable ever-during evergreen everlasting everliving exhaustless extending everywhere firm fixed frozen glorious good hallowed hardy highest holy illimitable illimited immeasurable immemorial immense immobile immortal immutable incalculable incessant incomprehensible indestructible inexhaustible infinite infinitely continuous innumerable intact interminable interminate intransient invariable inveterate inviolate just lasting limitless long-lasting long-lived long-standing long-term longeval longevous loving luminous machine gun macrobiotic majestic making measureless merciful never-ceasing never-ending no end of nonstop nonterminating nonterminous numinous of long duration of long standing olamic omnipotent omnipresent omniscient one oscillating perdurable perduring perennial permanent persistent persisting pulsating quiescent radiant rapid recurrent regular remaining repeated repetitive rigid sacred sempervirent sempiternal shaping shoreless solid sovereign stable staccato static stationary staying steadfast steady stuttering sumless supreme sustained termless timeless torpid tough ubiquitous unaltered unbounded unbroken unceasing unchangeable unchanged unchanging unchecked uncircumscribed undefined undestroyed undeviating unending unfading unfailing unfathomable unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted universal unlimited unmeasurable unmeasured unnumbered unplumbed unremitting unshifting unstopped untold unvaried unvarying vibrating vital without bound without end without limit without measure without number


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