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(imp. & p. p.) of Perform.

KO SOL abide by absolute accomplish accomplished achieve across-the-board adhere to administer admit admitting no exception all all bets off all off all over all up all-comprehensive all-inclusive all-out amplify arrant assimilate at an end attained blanket bring to completion bring to fruition button up call off cancel canceled cap carry out carry through carry to completion categorical classical clean up clear climax close out close up compassed compendious completed comprehend comprehensive comprise conclude concluded conclusive conduct consummate contain cope with count in cover crass crown culminate dead deal with decided decisive definite definitive defunct delete deleted detail determinate determine develop developed discharge dispatch dispose of do do to perfection done done for done with down downright drop the curtain effect effected effectuate egregious eke out elaborate embody embrace enact encircle enclose encompass encyclopedic end end off ended enforce enlarge enlarge upon enter into detail entire envisage execute executed exemplary exhaustive expand explicit express expunge expunged extinct extinguish faultless fill fill in fill out final finalize fini finish finish off finish up finished fixed flagrant flat flat-out flawless fold up fulfill full full-dress full-fledged full-grown full-scale fully realized get done get it over get over with get through get through with give the quietus glaring global go into gross halt handle hold honor ideal implement implicit improve inappealable include incorporate indisputable intact integral intolerable kaput kayo kibosh kill knock out labor make make good make out make up manage mature matured model mop up number among observe occupy omnibus out-and-out outright over over-all panoramic peremptory perfect perfected perform performed piece out polish off polished positive precious profound promulgate pronounced proper prosecute pure put in force put paid to put through rank realized receive reckon among reckon in reckon with refill regular render replenish ripe ripen round round out scrag set at rest settled shattering shocking shoot down shot solid sound spell out stark stark-staring straight straight-out superb superior superlative surpassing sweeping synoptic take care of take in take into account take into consideration take up terminate terminated the veriest thorough


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