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(adv.) In a penitent manner.

abatement ablation abrasion abrasive absorption apologies assimilation atomization attenuation ayenbite of inwit beating bitterness blunting brecciation buffing burning up burnishing chafe chafing comminution consumption contriteness contrition corrosion crumbling crushing curtailment cut cutting damping deadening debilitation decrease decrement deliquescence depletion depreciation derogation detraction detrition devitalization digestion dilution diminution dip disintegration disparagement dissipation dissolution drain dressing dulling eating up effemination enervation enfeeblement erasure erosion evisceration exhaustion expending expenditure extenuation extraction fatigue filing finishing fragmentation fretting galling granulation granulization grating grazing grief grinding impairment impoverishment inanition ingestion languishment lessening levigation limation loss mashing mitigation penance penitently polishing pounding powdering rasping reduction regret regretfulness regrets regretting relaxation remission remorse remorse of conscience remorsefulness repentance repining retraction retrenchment rubbing away rue ruth sandblasting sanding scouring scrape scraping scratch scratching scrub scrubbing scuff shame shamefacedness shamefastness shamefulness shining shortening shredding shrinkage slackening smashing smoothing softening sorriness sorrow spending squandering thinning trituration truncation using up wastage waste wastefulness wasting away weakening wear wear and tear wearing away wearing down wistfulness


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