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1. (a.) One's own; belonging solely or especially to an individual; not possessed by others; of private, personal, or characteristic possession and use; not owned in common or in participation.

2. (a.) Particular; individual; special; appropriate.

3. (a.) Unusual; singular; rare; strange; as, the sky had a peculiar appearance.

4. (n.) That which is peculiar; a sole or exclusive property; a prerogative; a characteristic.

5. (n.) A particular parish or church which is exempt from the jurisdiction of the ordinary.

aberrant abnormal absurd anomalous another appropriate appropriate to arbitrary atypical bizarre categorical characteristic characterizing classificational classificatory connotative contrastive crank crankish cranky crotchety curious defining demonstrative denominative denotative designative deviant deviate deviative diacritical diagnostic differencing different differential differentiative discriminating discriminative distinct distinctive distinguished distinguishing divergent divisional divisionary dotty eccentric else emblematic erratic evidential exceptional exhibitive expressive extraordinary fey figural figurative flaky freaked out freakish freaky funny identifying ideographic idiocratic idiosyncratic implicative in character indicating indicative indicatory individual individualizing individuating intrinsic irregular kinky kooky maggoty marked meaningful metaphorical naming native to natural to not that sort not the same not the type nutty odd oddball of a sort of another sort of sorts off off the wall offbeat ordinal other other than otherwise out out-of-the-way outlandish particular passing strange pathognomonic personal personalizing private proper quaint queer quintessential quirky rare representative rum screwball screwy semantic semiotic separative signalizing significant significative signifying single singular sort special specific strange subdivisional suggestive sui generis symbolic symbolistic symbological symptomatic symptomatologic taxonomic true to form twisted typal typical uncommon unconventional uncustomary unearthly unique unnatural unorthodox unusual wacky weird whimsical wondrous strange


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