1. (n.) A point; the sharp end or top of anything that terminates in a point; as, the peak, or front, of a cap.

2. (n.) The top, or one of the tops, of a hill, mountain, or range, ending in a point; often, the whole hill or mountain, esp. when isolated; as, the Peak of Teneriffe.

3. (n.) The upper aftermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail; -- used in many combinations; as, peak-halyards, peak-brails, etc.

4. (n.) The narrow part of a vessel's bow, or the hold within it.

5. (n.) The extremity of an anchor fluke; the bill.

6. (v. i.) To rise or extend into a peak or point; to form, or appear as, a peak.

7. (v. i.) To acquire sharpness of figure or features; hence, to look thin or sickly.

8. (v. i.) To pry; to peep slyly.

9. (v. t.) To raise to a position perpendicular, or more nearly so; as, to peak oars, to hold them upright; to peak a gaff or yard, to set it nearer the perpendicular.

acme acme of perfection all allophone alp alveolar apex apico-alveolar apico-dental apogee articulation aspiration assimilation be poised bilabial bill billow boom bore bottoming out break breakers brim brow business cycle business fluctuations bust cacuminal cap capstone ceiling cerebral check chop choppiness chopping sea climax cloud nine cog comb comber consonant consummate consummation continuant cooling off crag crash crest crisis crown culmen culminate culmination dash decline dental depression diphthong dirty water dissimilation downturn droop dwindle eagre ebb and flow economic cycle economic expansion economic growth edge elevation eminence end epenthetic vowel expanding economy expansion explosive extreme extreme limit extremity fade fail fang flag frost glide glottal glottalization gravity wave ground swell growth guttural harrow head heave heaven heavens heavy sea heavy swell height high growth rate high noon high point highest degree highest pitch highest point hill hilltop ice jag knoll labial labialization labiodental labiovelar languish laryngeal last word lateral lift limit lingual liquid lofty peak lop lose strength low manner of articulation market expansion maximum meridian modification monophthong morphophoneme mount mountain mountaintop mute nasal ne plus ultra nib no place higher noon nth degree occlusive outtop overarch overtop palatal parasitic vowel peaking pecten perfection pharyngeal pharyngealization phone phoneme pic pico pike pine pink pink of perfection pinnacle pitch plosive point pole popple precipice projection prosperity prothetic vowel rake ratchet recession recovery retroflex ridge riffle ripple rise rise and fall roll roller roof rough water run down sawtooth scend sea segmental phoneme semivowel send seventh heaven sink sky slowdown slump smash snag snaggle sonant sonority speech sound spire sprocket spur steeple stop summit surd surf surge surmount swell syllabic nucleus syllabic peak syllable the whole tidal bore tidal wave tide wave tip tip-top tooth top top off top out tor toss transition sound triphthong trough tsunami ultimate undulate undulation upmost upper extremity uppermost upturn utmost utmost extent uttermost velar vertex very top visor vocable vocalic vocoid voice voiced sound


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