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1. (n.) The part of the foot of the horse, and allied animals, between the fetlock and the coffin joint.

2. (n.) A shackle for horses while pasturing.

3. (n.) A patten.

Machiavellian Machiavellic acute apse arc arcade arcature arch over arched roof archway artful astute banner bantam barrow basket-handle arch bend bend back bestraddle bestride bold boundary stone bow brass bridge bust cagey cairn camber canny capital cardinal ceilinged roof cenotaph central champion cheeky chief clever clubfoot cocky column concameration concha conspicuous consummate coquettish cove coy crafty cromlech crook cross crowning cunning cup cupola curl curvation curvature curve cute cyclolith deceitful decurve deep deep-laid deflect derisive designing devilish digit diplomatic dog dolmen dome dominant elfish elvish embow extend over extraordinary extreme extremity feline fetlock first flex flippant focal foolish foot footstone forefoot foremost forepaw foxy fresh full of mischief geodesic dome grave gravestone great greatest guileful hang over harefoot head headmost headstone heel hegemonic high-spirited hoarstone hoof hook hump hunch igloo imbricate impish incurvate incurve inflect ingenious inscription insidious instep inventive jut keystone knavish knowing lap lap over leading lie over loop magisterial main major malapert marker master mausoleum megalith memento memorial memorial arch memorial column memorial statue memorial stone menhir mischief-loving mischievous mocking monolith monument mound necrology notable noteworthy obelisk obituary ogive overarch overhang overlap overlie override overruling pad paramount pastern patte paw pawky pedal extremity pedes pert pes pied pillar plaque playful politic prankish pranksome pranky predominant preeminent premier preponderant prevailing primal primary prime principal prize puckish pug pyramid ranking ready recurve reflect reflex reliquary remembrance resourceful retroflex ribbon roguish rostral column round ruling sag saucy scampish scapegrace scheming serpentine shaft sharp shifty shingle shrewd shrine skewback slick slippery sly smooth snaky sneaky sole sophistical sovereign span splayfoot sportive star stealthy stela stellar stone strategic stupa subtile subtle supereminent supple swag sweep


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