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1. (adv.) In a particular manner; expressly; with a specific reference or interest; in particular; distinctly.

2. (adv.) In an especial manner; in a high degree; as, a particularly fortunate man; a particularly bad failure.

a fortiori above all abundantly acutely all the more alone amazingly amply apart astonishingly at length awesomely by itself chiefly completely concretely conscientiously conspicuously copiously critically definitely discriminatingly discriminatively distinctively distinctly dominantly eminently emphatically especially even ever so exactly exceptionally explicitly expressly exquisitely extraordinarily extremely exuberantly famously fastidiously finically finickily finickingly first of all fully fussily generously glaringly impressively in chief in detail in extenso in full in particular in the main in the singular in toto incredibly indeed individually intensely item by item magically magnanimously magnificently mainly markedly marvelously meticulously minutely more than ever mostly never so no end nobly notably once one by one only outstandingly peculiarly per se pointedly precisely predominantly preeminently primarily principally profusely prominently pronouncedly punctiliously queasily remarkably richly scrupulously separately severally signally single-handedly singly singularly solely special specially specifically splendidly still more strikingly superlatively surpassingly surprisingly to be specific uncommonly uniquely unusually very wholly wonderfully wondrous worthily yea


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