1. (n.) An ecclesiastical or civil subdivision\, constituting a civil jurisdiction, with its own officers and regulations, as respects the poor, taxes, etc.

2. (n.) That circuit of ground committed to the charge of one parson or vicar, or other minister having cure of souls therein.

3. (n.) An ecclesiastical society, usually not bounded by territorial limits, but composed of those persons who choose to unite under the charge of a particular priest, clergyman, or minister; also, loosely, the territory in which the members of a congregation live.

4. (n.) In Louisiana, a civil division corresponding to a county in other States.

5. (a.) of or pertaining to a parish; parochial; as, a parish church; parish records; a parish priest; maintained by the parish; as, parish poor.

Kreis archbishopric archdiocese arrondissement assembly bailiwick bishopric borough brethren canton churchgoers city class commune conference congregation congressional district constablewick county departement diocese district duchy electoral district electorate flock fold government hamlet hundred laity laymen magistracy metropolis metropolitan area minyan nonclerics nonordained persons oblast okrug parishioners people precinct principality province region riding seculars see sheep sheriffalty sheriffwick shire shrievalty society soke stake state synod territory town township village wapentake ward


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