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1. (a.) Of primary importance or rank\; having the highest rank or jurisdiction; superior to all others; chief; supreme; preeminent; as, a paramount duty.

2. (n.) The highest or chief.

acmatic all-absorbing anointed king apical arch ascendant at the head banner basic best boss bwana capital cardinal central champion chef chief chieftain choice church dignitary commanding consummate controlling crowned head crowning dominant dynast ecclesiarch elder elect electronics king elite emperor employer essential first focal for the best foremost general goodman governing grand duke great greatest guru handpicked head headmost hegemonic hegemonistic high chief highest honcho husband imperator in ascendancy in charge in chief in the ascendant king king-emperor kinglet lead leading leading light liege liege lord lord lord paramount luminary magisterial main majesty master master spirit matchless maximal maximum meridian meridional monarch optimal optimum overbearing overlord overmost overriding overruling padrone paterfamilias patriarch patron peerless petty king picked potentate predominant predominate preeminent premier prepollent preponderant preponderate prepotent prevailing prevalent prima donna primal primary prime prince prince consort principal prize quintessential rabbi ranking regnant regulating regulative regulatory reigning requisite royal royal personage royalty ruler ruling sahib seigneur seignior select sovereign star starets stellar summital supereminent superstar supreme surpassing suzerain teacher tetrarch tip-top top top dog topflight topmost ultimate unmatchable unmatched unparalleled unsurpassed upmost uppermost vertical very best vital zenithal


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