(imp. & p. p.) of Pack.

SRO aground alive with anchored awash bloated blocked bound brimful brimming bristling bulging bursting capacity caught chained chock-full choked choked up chuck-full clogged clogged up close close-knit close-textured close-woven compact compacted compressed concentrated concrete condensed congested consolidated constipated cooked cooked-up costive cram-full crammed crammed full crawling crowded crowding cut out cut-and-dried cut-and-dry dense distended doctored drenched engineered farci fast fastened filled filled to overflowing firm fixed flush foul fouled full full to bursting gluey glutted gorged groaning grounded hard heavy held high and dry hyperemic impacted impenetrable impermeable in profusion in spate in the bag inextricable infarcted jam-packed jammed juggled lavish loaded manipulated massive moored nonporous obstipated obstructed on ice overblown overburdened overcharged overfed overflowing overfraught overfreighted overfull overladen overloaded overstocked overstuffed oversupplied overweighted packed like sardines planned plenary plethoric plotted plugged plugged up populous prearranged preconcerted precontrived premeditated preordered prodigal profuse proliferating prolific put-up ready to burst replete rife rigged round running over satiated saturated schemed serried set-up soaked solid stacked standing room only stopped stopped up stranded stuck stuck fast studded stuffed stuffed up substantial superabundant supercharged supersaturated surcharged surfeited swarming swollen teeming tethered thick thick as hail thick with thick-coming thick-growing thickset thronged thronging tied topful transfixed viscid viscose viscous wedged with


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