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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Overwhelm.

2. (a.) Overpowering; irresistible.

absolute adducible admissible agitating amazing astonishing astounding attestative attestive authentic awe-inspiring awesome based on bewildering breathtaking burdensome certain charged circumstantial cliff-hanging conclusive confounding convincing crushing cumulative damning decisive determinative devastating disquieting distracting disturbing documentary documented electric evidential evidentiary ex parte exciting exhilarating eye-opening eye-witness factual final firsthand formidable founded on galvanic grounded on heady hearsay heart-expanding heart-stirring heart-swelling heart-thrilling impenetrable implicit impregnable impressive incontestable incontrovertible indicative indisputable indomitable inexpugnable inflammatory insuperable intoxicating invincible inviolable invulnerable irrefutable irresistible jarring jolting maddening material mind-blowing mind-boggling monumental moving nuncupative overcoming overmastering overmatching overpowering perturbing piquant presumptive probative prodigious provocative provoking ravishing reliable resistless significant soul-stirring spectacular spirit-stirring staggering startling stimulating stimulative stirring striking stunning stupefying suggestive sure surprising suspenseful suspensive symptomatic tantalizing telling thrilling thrilly troubling unassailable unbearable unbeatable unconquerable uncontrollable unendurable unsettling unsubduable unsurmountable unyielding upsetting valid weighty


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