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1. (v. t.) To turn or throw from a basis, foundation, or position; to overset; as, to overturn a carriage or a building.

2. (v. t.) To subvert; to destroy; to overthrow.

3. (v. t.) To overpower; to conquer.

4. (n.) The act off overturning, or the state of being overturned or subverted; overthrow; as, an overturn of parties.

Waterloo answer answer conclusively argue down be lost beating bloodless revolution bouleversement breakdown breakup bring down capsizal capsize careen cataclysm catastrophe clean slate clean sweep collapse computer revolution confound confute conquering conquest contradict controvert convulsion counterrevolution crash crush culbute culbuter deathblow debacle deck defeat demolish deny depose destruction dismiss dispose of down downcast downfall downthrow drubbing eject failure fall finish floor founder go down hiding honeycomb invert keel keel over knock down knock over lambasting lathering licking mastery nonplus oust ouster ousting overcome overcoming overmaster overmatch overpower overset overthrow overturning overwhelm palace revolution parry pitchpole precipitation prostrate prostration put to silence quietus radical change rebut reduce to silence refute reorganization revolt revolute revolution revolutionary war revolutionize revulsion ruin sabotage sap sap the foundations scuttle send flying settle shake-up shut up silence sink smash smash all opposition somersault somerset spasm spill squash squelch striking alteration subdual subduing subjugation subversion subvert surmount sweeping change tabula rasa technological revolution thrashing throw down throw over tip over topple topple over toppling topsy-turvify topsy-turvy total change transilience trimming trip trip up trouncing tumble turn a somersault turn over turn topsy-turvy turn turtle turn upside down turnover undermine undoing unhorse unseat unseating unthrone upend upheaval upset upset the boat upturn vanquishment violent change weaken whipping


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