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1. (n.) Watchful care; superintendence; general supervision.

2. (n.) An overlooking; an omission; an error.

3. (n.) Escape from an overlooked peril.

accountability administration aegis auspices balk bevue blank blunder bossing care carelessness charge chasm check civil government conduct control culpa culpable negligence cure custodianship custody default delinquency dereliction direction discipline disconformity dispensation disposition disregard empery empire error eye failure false move false step fault form of government governance government guard guardianship guidance handling hands heedlessness inadvertence inadvertency inattention inobservance intendance jurisdiction keeping laches laissez-faire lapse lapsus calami lapsus linguae laxity laxness loose thread looseness maintenance management ministry miscue misstep mistake neglect neglectfulness negligence nonadherence noncompliance nonconformance nonconformity nonfeasance nonfulfillment noninterference nonobservance nonperformance nonrestriction omission overlook overlooking pastorage pastorate pastorship patronage permissiveness political organization polity poor stewardship preterition procrastination protection protectorship regime regimen regnancy regulation reign remissness responsibility rule running safe hands skip slackness slight slip slipup sovereignty stewardship stumble superintendence superintendency supervision surveillance sway system of government trip tutelage unobservance unrigorousness ward wardenship wardship watch and ward wing wrong step


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