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Gongoresque Gongoristic Johnsonian Marinistic Tartuffian Tartuffish afflicted agonized apocryphal artificial assumed attacked awkward bastard bedizened big-sounding bogus brummagem canting chichi colorable colored concerned contrived convoluted counterfeit counterfeited declamatory devoured by diseased distorted distressed dressed up dummy elaborate elaborated elevated embellished embroidered ersatz euphuistic factitious fake faked FALSE falsified feigned fictitious fictive flamboyant flaming flashy flaunting fulsome garbled garish gaudy goody goody-goody grandiloquent grandiose grandisonant gripped high-flowing high-flown high-flying high-sounding highfalutin histrionic holier-than-thou hollow hurt hyperelegant hypocritical illegitimate imbued with imitation implicated impressed impressed with influenced inkhorn insincere involved junky la-di-da labyrinthine lexiphanic lofty lurid magniloquent make-believe man-made maniere mannered mealymouthed meretricious mincing mock moved obsessed obsessed by orotund ostentatious overacted overdone overelaborate overelegant overinvolved overnice overrefined overwrought pedantic penetrated with perverted pharisaic phony pietistic pinchbeck pious pompous precieuse precieux precious pretended pretentious pseudo put-on quasi queer racked rhetorical sanctified sanctimonious seized seized with self-conscious self-righteous self-styled sensational sensationalistic sententious sham shoddy showy simulated sniveling so-called soi-disant sonorous specious spurious stagy stiff stilted stirred stricken struck studied supposititious swayed synthetic tall theatrical tin tinsel titivated torn tortuous tortured touched troubled twisted unauthentic unctuous ungenuine unnatural unreal upset warped wracked


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