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(a.) That stands out; undischarged; uncollected; not paid; as, outstanding obligations.

a cut above above ahead appalling apparent arrant arresting ascendant astonishing back better blatant bold capital capping celebrated choice chosen consequential conspicuous cortical distinguished dominant due eclipsing egregious eminent emissile epidermic esteemed estimable exceeding excellent excelling exceptional excrescent excrescential exomorphic exterior external extraordinary extrinsic extruding fabulous famed famous fantastic finer first-class first-rate flagrant formidable fringe glaring greater hanging out higher important in arrear in arrears in ascendancy in relief in the ascendant in the foreground in the limelight incredible jutting left leftover magnificent main major marked marvelous mature memorable net noble notable noted noteworthy noticeable notorious obtrusive odd of choice of mark one up on open ostensible out outer outermost outlying outmost outside outward outward-facing over overdue owed owing payable peripheral predominant preeminent prestigious principal prognathous projecting prominent pronounced protrudent protruding protrusile protrusive protuberant protuberating public rare receivable redeemable remaining remanent remarkable rememberable renowned reputable rivaling roundabout salient seeming sensational signal significant smashing spare special star staring stark-staring stellar sticking out striking super superb superexcellent superficial superfluous superior superlative surface surpassing surplus surviving telling to spare to the front topping transcendent transcendental transcending uncommon unconsumed unforgettable unpaid unresolved unsettled unused upper wonderful


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