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1. (a.) Unconventional; bizarre; unfamiliar; foreign; as, an outlandish costume\.

2. (a.) Hence: Not according with usage; strange; rude; barbarous; uncouth; clownish; as, an outlandish dress, behavior, or speech.

Doric Gothic Neanderthal absurd alien animal apart back barbarian barbaric barbarous baroque beguiling bestial bewildering bizarre brain-born brutal brutish cacophonous campy clumsy coarse crude curious detached different disconnected discrete disjunct disrelated dissociated doggerel dream-built dysphemistic eccentric enigmatic exceptional exotic exterior external exterrestrial exterritorial extragalactic extralateral extraliminal extramundane extramural extraneous extraordinary extrapolar extraprovincial extrasolar extraterrestrial extraterritorial extratribal extravagant extrinsic fabulous fanciful fancy-born fancy-built fancy-woven fantasque fantastic fascinating florid foreign foreign-born freaked out freakish freaky frontier funny graceless gross grotesque harsh ill-bred impolite improper impure in bad taste incommensurable incomparable incomprehensible inconceivable inconcinnate inconcinnous incorrect incredible indecorous independent inelegant infelicitous insular intrusive irrelative isolated kinky kooky low maggoty marvelous miraculous monstrous noncivilized notional odd oddball off off the wall offbeat other out outland outrageous outre outside passing strange peculiar phenomenal preposterous primitive prodigious puzzling quaint queer rare remarkable remote removed rococo rough-and-ready rude savage segregate sensational separate separated singular strange striking stupendous tasteless troglodytic ulterior ultra unaffiliated unallied unassociated uncivil uncivilized uncombed unconnected unconventional uncourtly uncouth uncultivated uncultured undignified unearthly uneuphonious unfamiliar unfelicitous ungraceful unheard-of unimaginable unique unkempt unknown unlicked unorthodox unpolished unprecedented unrefined unrelatable unrelated unseemly unsettled untamed unusual vulgar weird whimsical wild wonderful wondrous wondrous strange


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