(n.) A fitting out, or equipment, as of a ship for a voyage, or of a person for an expedition in an unoccupied region or residence in a foreign land; things required for equipment; the expense of, or allowance made for, equipment, as by the government of the United States to a diplomatic agent going abroad.

KP accouter accouterments age group apparatus appliances appoint appointments appurtenances arm armament army army group attire bag and baggage baggage ballet skirt band battalion battery battle group bevy block body brigade bunch business buskin cabal cadre camarilla cap and bells caparison cast cell charmed circle circle clan clique closed circle clothes clothing cohort column combat command combat team company complement concern contingent conveniences corporation corps costume coterie covey crew crowd detachment detail disguise division dress duffel dunnage elite elite group ensemble equip equipage equipment facilities facility faction field army field train file firm fit fit out fit up fittings fixtures fleet flying column furnish furnishings furniture gang garb garrison gear getup group grouping groupment habit harness heel impedimenta in-group ingroup inner circle installations junta junto kit kitchen police legion livery luggage machinery man maniple masquerade materiel mob motley movement munition munitions organization out-group pack paraphernalia party peer group phalanx plant platoon plumbing posse prepare provision rank regiment rig rig out rig up rigging ring salon section series set set-up sock squad squadron stable staff stock stock-in-trade string suit suite supply tack tackle tactical unit task force team things tights togs train trappings traps tribe troop troupe trousseau turn out turnout tutu uniform unit utensils wardrobe we-group wing


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