1. (a.) In its original and strict sense, out means from the interior of something; beyond the limits or boundary of something; in a position or relation which is exterior to something; -- opposed to in or into. The something may be expressed after of, from, etc. (see Out of, below); or, if not expressed, it is implied; as, he is out; or, he is out of the house, office, business, etc.; he came out; or, he came out from the ship, meeting, sect, party, etc.

2. (a.) Away; abroad; off; from home, or from a certain, or a usual, place; not in; not in a particular, or a usual, place; as, the proprietor is out, his team was taken out.

3. (a.) Beyond the limits of concealment, confinement, privacy, constraint, etc., actual of figurative; hence, not in concealment, constraint, etc., in, or into, a state of freedom, openness, disclosure, publicity, etc.; as, the sun shines out; he laughed out, to be out at the elbows; the secret has leaked out, or is out; the disease broke out on his face; the book is out.

4. (a.) Beyond the limit of existence, continuance, or supply; to the end; completely; hence, in, or into, a condition of extinction, exhaustion, completion; as, the fuel, or the fire, has burned out.

5. (a.) Beyond possession, control, or occupation; hence, in, or into, a state of want, loss, or deprivation; -- used of office, business, property, knowledge, etc.; as, the Democrats went out and the Whigs came in; he put his money out at interest.

6. (a.) Beyond the bounds of what is true, reasonable, correct, proper, common, etc.; in error or mistake; in a wrong or incorrect position or opinion; in a state of disagreement, opposition, etc.; in an inharmonious relation.

7. (a.) Not in the position to score in playing a game; not in the state or turn of the play for counting or gaining scores.

8. (n.) One who, or that which, is out; especially, one who is out of office; -- generally in the plural.

9. (n.) A place or space outside of something; a nook or corner; an angle projecting outward; an open space; -- chiefly used in the phrase ins and outs; as, the ins and outs of a question. See under In.

10. (n.) A word or words omitted by the compositor in setting up copy; an omission.

11. (v. t.) To cause to be out; to eject; to expel.

12. (v. t.) To come out with; to make known.

13. (v. t.) To give out; to dispose of; to sell.

14. (v. i.) To come or go out; to get out or away; to become public.

15. (interj.) Expressing impatience, anger, a desire to be rid of; -- with the force of command; go out; begone; away; off.

abandoned aberrant abjured abroad absurd adrift alibi all abroad all off all wrong aloud amiss antiquated antique apparent apparently appear archaic askew asleep astray at a loss at fault audibly avenue away away from awry be revealed become known beside the mark blind blind drunk blotto blow out blowhole break forth cataleptic catatonic channel choke chute clearly cold comatose come out come to light contrasting cop-out corrupt cortical counter curious damp dated dead dead asleep debouch deceptive deep asleep defective delusive deserted deviant deviational deviative different disarranged discontinued disjointed dislocated disparate displaced dissimilar distinctly distorted disused divergent diverse done with door doped dormant douse drugged eccentric egress emunctory epidermic errant erring erroneous escape estuary ex excuse exhaust exit exomorphic exterior exteriorly external externally extinct extinguish extinguished extrinsic fallacious FALSE fast asleep faultful faulty flaked-out flawed floodgate flume forth freaked out freaky fringe from funny get out gone out gone-by half-conscious hardly like helpless hence heretical heterodox illogical illusory in the red kooky lame excuse leak out likely story loophole manifest itself narcotized nirvanic nonuniform not right not true not worth saving oblivious obsolescent obsolete odd oddball off off the track off the wall offbeat old old-fashioned on the outside on the shelf on the surface open opening openly out cold out loud out of out of doors out of gear out of it out of joint out of pocket out of style out of use out-of-date outcome outdated outer outermost outfall outgate outgo outlandish outlet outlying outmoded outmost outside outstanding outward outward-facing outwardly outwards outworn overcome paralyzed passe passed out passing strange past past use peccant peculiar pensioned off peripheral perverse perverted plainly poor excuse pore port public publically put out quaint queer quench quenched relinquished renounced resigned retired roundabout run out sally port scarcely like seeming self-contradictory semiconscious senseless show its colors show its face singular slack sleeping sluice slumbering smother snuff snuff out snuffed sound asleep spaced out spiracle spout stamp out stand revealed steal a march stiff stifle stoned strange straying strung out superannuate


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