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(a.) Remote; isolated\.

Bohemian O-shaped aberrant aberrative adrift ambagious antipodean apart back of beyond backhanded beat beside the mark beside the point beside the question beyond reach beyond the bounds breakaway casual circuitous circular departing desultory detached deviant deviating deviative deviatory devious digressive discursive distant errant erratic excursive extra extraneous extraordinary extrinsic far out farfetched forced free and easy fringy godforsaken helical heretical heterodox hippie hyperborean immaterial impertinent improbable in a backwater inaccessible inadmissible inapplicable inapposite inappropriate incidental inconsequent indirect informal insular irrelative irrelevant isolated kinky labyrinthine lonesome maverick mazy meandering more than expected nihil ad rem nonessential not at issue not cricket not done not kosher oblique occasional odd off off the subject offbeat orbital original out of earshot out of hearing out of range out of reach out of sight out-of-the-world parenthetical part-time past expectation planetary quarantined quite another thing rambling rare recherche remote removed retired rotary round roundabout roving secluded secret segregated separate separated serpentine shifting shut off side snaky something else again spare spiral strained stray sudden sui generis swerving turning twisting unannounced unanticipated unapproachable uncommon unconventional uncustomary undirected undivined undreamed-of unessential unexpected unfamiliar unfashionable unforeseeable unforeseen unfrequented ungetatable unguessed unheard-of unheralded unhoped for unique unordinary unorthodox unpredictable unpredicted unprepared for unthought-of untouchable unusual unvisited unwonted vagrant veering wandering way out winding withdrawn without warning zigzag


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