1. (conj.) Either; -- used with other or for its correlative (as either . . . or are now used).

2. (pron. & a.) Different from that which, or the one who, has been specified; not the same; not identical; additional; second of two.

3. (pron. & a.) Not this, but the contrary; opposite; as, the other side of a river.

4. (pron. & a.) Alternate; second; -- used esp. in connection with every; as, every other day, that is, each alternate day, every second day.

5. (pron. & a.) Left, as opposed to right.

6. (adv.) Otherwise.

accessory accident accidental added addendum addition additional adjunct alien ancillary another apart appendage appurtenance autre chose auxiliary collateral contingency contingent contributory detached different story different thing disconnected discrete disjunct disparate disrelated dissimilar dissociated distant divergent diverse else exotic extra extraneous farther foreign fresh further happenstance incidental incommensurable incomparable independent inessential insular irrelative isolated mere chance more new no such thing nonessential not that sort not the same not the type not-self of a sort of another sort of sorts other than otherwise outlandish peculiar plus quite another thing rare removed renewed secondary segregate separate separated something else something else again spare special strange subsidiary sui generis superaddition supernumerary supplement supplemental supplementary surplus ulterior unaffiliated unalike unallied unassociated unconnected unequal unessential unique unlike unrelatable unrelated


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