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Buddha-like composure Oriental calm abnegation abstinence ataraxia ataraxy awelessness calm calm disposition calm of mind composure conservatism constraint contemplation continence control cool cool head coolheadedness coolness countenance dispassion easy mind evenness expectation gentleness golden mean happy medium icy calm icy nerves impartiality imperturbability imperturbation indisturbance inexcitability iron nerves judiciousness juste-milieu law and order lenity lucid stillness marmoreal repose meden agan mental composure middle way mildness moderateness moderation moderationism nervelessness nerves of steel neutrality nirvana no nerves nodding acceptance nonamazedness nonamazement nonastonishment nonmarveling nonviolence nonwonder nonwondering nothing in excess order orderliness pacifism peace peace and quiet peace of mind peacefulness philosophic composure philosophicalness philosophy phlegm placidity placidness prudence quiescence quiescency quiet quiet life quiet mind quietism quietness quietude repose rest restfulness restraint sangfroid satori self-abnegation self-control self-denial self-restraint serenity silence silken repose sleep slumber sobriety soothingness stability steadiness steady nerves steady-handedness stillness strong nerves temperance temperateness tranquillity unamazedness unamazement unastonishment unexcessiveness unextravagance unextremeness unimpressibleness unnervousness unruffledness unshakiness unsurprise unsurprisedness untremulousness via media wise passiveness wonderlessness


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