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(n.) The quality or state of being open.

access accessibility admissibility admission amenableness apparentness approachability artlessness assimilation austerity availability baldness bareness big mouth bluffness bluntness broadness brusqueness candidness candor childlikeness clearness come-at-ableness common speech communicativeness completeness comprehension comprehensiveness comprisal conversableness coverage crystal-clearness defenselessness directness distinctness effusion effusiveness eligibility embodiment embracement encompassment envisagement evidence evidentness exhaustiveness exposure extroversion flow of words flowing tongue fluency fluent tongue flux de bouche flux de paroles flux of words forthrightness frankness freedom freeness garrulity garrulousness gassiness genuineness getatableness gettableness gift of gab glibness gregariousness guilelessness gush gushiness helplessness homespun hospitality household words impressionability inclusion inclusiveness incorporation influenceability ingenuousness innocence invitingness leanness liability long-windedness loose tongue loquaciousness loquacity malleability manifestness matter-of-factness membership movability naiveness naivete naivety nakedness naturalness nonimmunity obtainability obtainableness obviousness open mind open-mindedness openheartedness openness to sight outgoingness outspokenness overtness palpability participation patentness penetrability perspicuity persuadability persuadableness persuasibility perviousness plain English plain dealing plain speaking plain speech plain style plain words plainness plainspokenness procurability procurableness prolixity prosaicness prosiness reachableness reception receptiveness receptivity recipience responsiveness restrainedness roundness rustic style securableness severity simpleheartedness simplemindedness simpleness simplicity sincerity single-heartedness single-mindedness singleness of heart slush soberness sociability spareness spate of words starkness straightforwardness suggestibility susceptibility susceptivity swayableness talkativeness tangibility tolerance toleration trustfulness unadorned style unadornedness unaffectedness unconstraint unguardedness unimaginativeness unmistakableness unpoeticalness unquestionability unrepression unreserve unreservedness unrestraint unrestriction unreticence unsecretiveness unsophisticatedness unsophistication unsuppression unsuspiciousness untaciturnity unwariness verbosity vernacular visibility volubility vulnerability weakness whole windiness


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