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1. (n.) The state of being omnipotent; almighty power; hence, one who is omnipotent; the Deity.

2. (n.) Unlimited power of a particular kind; as, love's omnipotence.

Beulah Beulah Land Heaven Land of Beulah Paradise a better place aeon afterlife age ages all-comprehensiveness all-inclusiveness an eternity better world blue moon boundlessness ceaselessness century coeternity constancy continualness continuance countlessness datelessness durability endless time endlessness eternal home eternalness ever-duringness everlasting moment everlastingness everness exhaustlessness forever foreverness glory happy hunting ground heaven above heavenly kingdom high heaven holiness illimitability immeasurability immensity immortality immutability incalculability incessancy incomprehensibility indestructibility inexhaustibility infinite duration infinite goodness infinite justice infinite love infinite mercy infinite power infinite wisdom infiniteness infinitude infinity innumerability interminability kingdom come kingdom of God kingdom of glory kingdom of heaven light limitlessness long long time long while majesty measurelessness month of Sundays never-endingness neverness no time numberlessness omnipotence omnipotency omnipresence omniscience omnisciency otherworld perdurability perenniality perennialness permanence perpetualness perpetuity presence of God realm of light right smart spell sempiternity sovereignty stability termlessness the Promised Land the happy land the world above time without end timelessness ubiquity unceasingness unity universality unmeasurability world without end years years on end


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