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1. (n. sing. & pl.) The act of production; generation.

2. (n. sing. & pl.) That which is produced; a child or children; a descendant or descendants, however remote from the stock.

3. (n. sing. & pl.) Origin; lineage; family.

aftermath artifact bairn brainchild breed brood by-product cherub child children chit coinage composition conclusion concoction consequence consequent corollary creation creature crowning achievement darling daughter derivation derivative descendant descendants descent development distillate distillation dynasty effect end product essence event eventuality eventuation extract family folks foster child fruit get grandchild grandchildren granddaughter grandson great-grandchildren handiwork harvest hatch hearth heir heiress heirs homefolks hostages to fortune house household inheritors innocent invention issue kid kids kitten lamb lambkin legacy line lineage little bugger little fellow little guy little innocent little one little ones little tad little tot logical outcome manufacture masterpiece masterwork menage mintage mite new generation new mintage nipper offshoot opera opus opuscule origination outcome outgrowth peewee people posterity precipitate produce product production progeniture progeny result resultant rising generation scion seed sequel sequela sequence sequent shaver son son and heir sonny sons spawn stepchild stepdaughter stepson succession successor swarm tad tot treasures upshot wee tot work young younglings youngster youngsters


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