1. (n.) That which a person does, either voluntarily or by appointment, for, or with reference to, others; customary duty, or a duty that arises from the relations of man to man; as, kind offices, pious offices.

2. (n.) A special duty, trust, charge, or position, conferred by authority and for a public purpose; a position of trust or authority; as, an executive or judicial office; a municipal office.

3. (n.) A charge or trust, of a sacred nature, conferred by God himself; as, the office of a priest under the old dispensation, and that of the apostles in the new.

4. (n.) That which is performed, intended, or assigned to be done, by a particular thing, or that which anything is fitted to perform; a function; -- answering to duty in intelligent beings.

5. (n.) The place where a particular kind of business or service for others is transacted; a house or apartment in which public officers and others transact business; as, the register's office; a lawyer's office.

6. (n.) The company or corporation, or persons collectively, whose place of business is in an office; as, I have notified the office.

7. (n.) The apartments or outhouses in which the domestics discharge the duties attached to the service of a house, as kitchens, pantries, stables, etc.

8. (n.) Any service other than that of ordination and the Mass; any prescribed religious service.

9. (v. t.) To perform, as the duties of an office; to discharge.

Mass act of grace act of kindness advice advocacy aegis agency agentship aid alerting appointment area assignment assistance atelier auspices authority authorization baccalaureate service backhouse backing backup bailiwick bedtime prayer benefaction benefit benevolence benignity berth billet bit blessing booking office box office branch branch office brevet bureau business cabinet camp meeting capacity care caution celebration ceremonial ceremony chambers chancellery chancery character charge chore church church service closet clue comfort commencement commissariat commission commissioning commitment company compline connection consignment constablery constablewick constabulary consulate convocation corporate headquarters corporation courtesy crapper cue cure delegated authority delegation den department deputation devolution devolvement devotions divine service division duty ease embassy employment empowerment empty formality end use engagement entrusting entrustment errand establishment evening devotions evensong executive office executorship exequatur exercise exercises factorship favor firm form form of worship formal formality formula formulary full power function gig good deed good offices good turn grace graduation graduation exercises headquarters help holy rite home office house immediate purpose inaugural inauguration incumbency indulgence initiation institution intercession intermediation jakes job jurisdiction kind deed kind offices kindly act kindness labor of love lauds legation library license lieutenancy liturgy lob loft main office mandate matins mediation meeting mercy ministration ministry mission mitzvah mode of worship monition moonlighting morning devotions mummery municipality mystery necessary night song none nones novena obligation observance occupation offices opening operation operational purpose order of worship ordinance organization outhouse part passing word patronage performance place plenipotentiary power pointer position post power of attorney power to act practice praise meeting prayer prayer meeting prayers prescribed form prime prime song procuration protection province proxy public worship purpose purview regency regentship relief religious ceremony remedy rescue responsibility revival revival meeting rite rite de passage rite of passage ritual ritual observance rituality role room sacrament sacramental sail loft second job secretariat section service sext sheriffalty sheriffwick shop shrievalty shtick situation solemnity solemnization spot stacks station steer studio study succor


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