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1. (a.) Without preparation; extemporaneous; as, an offhand remark\; offhand excuses.

2. (adv.) In an offhand manner; as, he replied offhand.

Bohemian abrupt ad lib ad libitum ad-lib affable airily airy aloof any old way any which way anyhow at short notice at sight blase brusque bunglingly by ear by the by by the way careless carelessly casual casually cavalier clumsily cool cordial cursorily cursory curt degage devil-may-care disregardant disregardful disregardfully distant easy easygoing en famille en passant extemporaneous extemporaneously extemporarily extemporary extempore familiar familiarly flippant folksy forgetful forgetfully free and easy glib gracious haphazardly haymish heedless heedlessly helter-skelter hit and miss hit or miss homely homey impromptu improvisatorial improvise improvised improviso in passing inattentively incidentally inconsiderate inconsiderately indifferent informal informally insouciant irregular jury-rigged lackadaisical lazy light-hearted loose makeshift messily natural naturally nonchalant oblivious off the cuff off the hip off-the-cuff offhanded offhandedly on sight once over lightly out of hand parenthetically perfunctorily perfunctory plain plainly promiscuously reckless recklessly regardless regardlessly relaxed relaxedly respectless sans ceremonie simple simply slapdash sloppily smooth sociable spur-of-the-moment stopgap superficial superficially tactless tactlessly thoughtless thoughtlessly unaffected unaffectedly unassuming unassumingly unceremonious unceremoniously unconcerned unconstrained unconstrainedly unconventional undiplomatic ungracious unguardedly unheedful unheedfully unheeding unheedingly uninterested unmindful unmindfully unofficial unofficially unpremeditated unprepared unready unrehearsed unsolicitous unsolicitously unstudied untactful unthinking unthinkingly unvigilantly unwarily without ceremony


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