1. (v. t.) To set before or against; to bring into opposition; to oppose.

2. (v. t.) To offer in opposition as a criminal charge or by way of accusation or reproach; to adduce as an objection or adverse reason.

3. (v. i.) To make opposition in words or argument; -- usually followed by to.

4. (v. t.) That which is put, or which may be regarded as put, in the way of some of the senses; something visible or tangible; as, he observed an object in the distance; all the objects in sight; he touched a strange object in the dark.

5. (v. t.) That which is set, or which may be regarded as set, before the mind so as to be apprehended or known; that of which the mind by any of its activities takes cognizance, whether a thing external in space or a conception formed by the mind itself; as, an object of knowledge, wonder, fear, thought, study, etc.

6. (v. t.) That by which the mind, or any of its activities, is directed; that on which the purpose are fixed as the end of action or effort; that which is sought for; end; aim; motive; final cause.

7. (v. t.) Sight; show; appearance; aspect.

8. (n.) A word, phrase, or clause toward which an action is directed, or is considered to be directed; as, the object of a transitive verb.

9. (a.) Opposed; presented in opposition; also, exposed.

IC analysis affair agree to disagree aim an existence appositive article artifact attribute attributive balk ban be against be at cross-purposes beef being bitch blackball body boggle boycott break break off bulk butt by-end by-purpose call in question categorically reject challenge clash collide complain complain loudly complement conflict confront construction modifier contend with contradict counter creature criticize critter cry out against cutting deep structure demonstrate demonstrate against demur deprecate design destination differ dingus direct object disaccord disagree disallow disapprove disapprove of discommend disfavor dispute dissent dissent from dofunny dohickey dojigger dojiggy domajig domajigger doodad dowhacky duty end end in view entelechy enter a protest entity eppes etwas except exclude expostulate face down face out face up to fact filler final cause flumadiddle focus form-function unit front frown frown at frown down frown upon function gadget game gigamaree gimmick gizmo goal grimace at hickey holler hootenanny hootmalalie howl idea immediate constituent analysis indirect object individual intent intention interfere with inveigh against item jangle jar jib jigger jostle kick kick against levels life look askance at look black upon make a stand march mark mass material material thing matter meet head-on mismatch mismate modifier monad negate not approve not go for not hear of not hold with object in mind object to objective offer resistance oppose organism ostracize person persona personality phenomenon phrase structure picket plan predicate press objections prey protest protest against purpose pursuit qualifier quarry quelque chose quintain rail raise a howl rally ranks rant rave reality reason reason for being recalcitrate refuse reject reluct remonstrate revolt say no to scruple shallow structure show fight sit in slot slot and filler something soul spurn squawk stand stand at bay stand up against stand up to state a grievance stickle storm strata strike strive against structure stuff subject substance surface structure syntactic analysis syntactic structure syntactics syntax tagmeme take exception to tangible target teach in teleology thing thingum thingumabob thingumadad thingumadoodle thingumajig thingumajigger thingumaree thingummy think ill of think little of thumb down ultimate aim underlying structure unit use vary view with disfavor volume whatchy widget withstand word arrangement word order yell bloody murder


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