1. (n.) The fruit of certain trees and shrubs (as of the almond, walnut, hickory, beech, filbert, etc.), consisting of a hard and indehiscent shell inclosing a kernel.

2. (n.) A perforated block (usually a small piece of metal), provided with an internal or female screw thread, used on a bolt, or screw, for tightening or holding something, or for transmitting motion.

3. (n.) The tumbler of a gunlock.

4. (n.) A projection on each side of the shank of an anchor, to secure the stock in place.

5. (v. i.) To gather nuts.

Brazil nut English walnut Macadamia nut acorn addict aficionado alien aliene almond almond paste amande amande douce amandes mondees amateur authority bean bedlamite beechnut ben nut berry betel nut bigot bird seed bitter almond black walnut blanched almonds bonduc nut borderline case bring in buff bug burnt almond butternut candlenut case cashew cashew nut character chestnut chinquapin cobnut coconut collector conk connoisseur corozo nut crackbrain crackpot crank critic crop crop herbs cuckoo cumara nut cut dement demon demoniac devotee dig dika nut dilettante ding-a-ling dome eager beaver eccentric energumen enthusiast erratic expert faddist fan fanatic fanatico fiend flake flaxseed fou freak fruit gather gather in glean goober goober pea grabble grain great one for ground-pea groundnut harebrain harvest hay hayseed head hermit hickory nut hobbyist hobo horse chestnut hound idiot infatuate issue kernel kola kola nut kook linseed litchi nut lone wolf loner loon loony lunatic lunatic fringe madman maniac maverick meat meshuggenah monomaniac mow natural noddle noggin noisette noix non compos noncompos nonconformist noodle odd fellow oddball oddity original outsider palm nut pariah peanut peanut butter pecan phrenetic pick pine nut pip pistachio pit pluck poll pundit pursuer queer duck queer fish queer specimen question rara avis raving lunatic reap reap and carry recluse rhapsodist salted peanuts sassafras nut savant scholar screwball seed solitary souari nut specialist stone strange duck sucker for sweet almond technical expert technician tramp type visionary walnut weirdo zealot


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