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Greek to one all-knowing all-powerful all-seeing all-wise almighty ambiguous arcane awe-inspiring awesome awful awing beyond understanding bizarre boundless bright brilliant cabalistic cantrip changeless charismatic creating creative divine eerie esoteric eternal eternally the same everlasting extramundane extraterrestrial fey glamorous glorious good hallowed heavenly highest holy hoodoo hypernormal hyperphysical illustrious immortal immutable impenetrable inarticulate incantational incantatory incognizable incoherent incomprehensible ineffable inenarrable inexpressible infinite inscrutable inviolable inviolate just limitless loving luminous lustrous magian magic majestic making merciful miraculous mysterious mystic necromantic occult omnipotent omnipresent omniscient one otherworldly past comprehension permanent perpetual preterhuman preternatural preternormal pretersensual psychic radiant rambling religious resplendent sacred sacrosanct shaman shamanic shamanist shamanistic shaping shining sorcerous sovereign spiritual splendent splendid splendorous splendrous superhuman superior supermundane supernatural supernormal superphysical supersensible supersensual supramundane supranatural supreme talismanic thaumaturgic timeless transcendental transmundane ubiquitous unaccountable unbounded uncanny unchanging unconnected undefined unearthly unfathomable unguessed unhuman unintelligible unknowable unlimited unsearchable unspeakable untouchable unutterable unworldly venerable voodoo voodooistic weird witch witchlike witchy wizardlike wizardly


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