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Lilliputian a bit a breath a little abject abominable ace arrant atom atrocious authoritarian baby back-burner bantam barely base beggarly bigot bigoted bit borne bowshot brief brief span by a hair by an ace casual cheap cheesy close quarters close range closed collateral compact compendious concise constricted contemptible crack cramped creedbound crumb crummy cursory curt curtal curtate dab deaf deaf to reason debased decurtate deficient degraded depraved depthless despicable diminutive dinky dirty disgusting dispensable dole dollop dot dram dribble driblet dwarf earreach earshot elfin ever so little execrable exiguous exiguously faintly fanatical farthing feebly few flagrant fleck flyspeck footling fortuitous foul fragment fulsome gobbet grain granule grave groat gross gunshot hair hair space hairbreadth hairsbreadth half-pint handful hardly hardly any hardly ever heinous hidebound illiberal immaterial imperfect imperfectly in a nutshell in miniature in the small inadequate inappreciable inappreciably inch incidental incompetent inconsequential inconsequentially inconsiderable ineffectual inessential inferior infinitesimal infrequently insignificant insignificantly instant instantaneous insufficient insular iota irrelevant itsy-bitsy itty-bitty jot just a bit knee-high light lightly limited little bit little ways little while little-minded low low-down lumpen maladroit mangy meager meagerly mean mean-minded mean-spirited measly mediocre microscopic midget mingy mini miniature minim minimally minimum minor minuscule minute minutely minutiae miserable mite modicum molecule moment monkey monstrous mote narrow narrow-hearted narrow-minded narrow-souled narrow-spirited nearsighted nefarious negligible negligibly no no great shakes no time nonessential not any not comparable not enough not hardly not in it not much not vital nutshell obnoxious odious one-horse only just ounce out of it pair of winks paltry parochial particle pebble petit petite petty picayune picayunish piddling pinch pindling pint-sized pistol shot pittance point poky poor potty provincial puny purblind pygmy rank rarely reptilian scabby scant scantily scanty scarcely scrap scrubby scruffy scruple scummy scurvy secondary seldom self-centered selfish set shabby


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